Real Estate Drone Photography

Why hire a Drone Professional?

1. Create a High-End Feel

Most prospective home buyers see photos throughout the property, but aerial shots are uncommon, and they’ll give your listing a high-end feel. In addition to showing the entire parcel of land, aerial real estate photography offers beautiful, lasting first impressions for buyers.

2. Show Off Your Home’s Best Features

Highlight your home’s gorgeous pool and spacious backyard with stunning aerial photographs. Drones can be situated at any angle outside of your house, allowing your photographer to show off your home’s impressive exterior like intricate landscaping, styled entertaining spaces, Juliette balconies, or well-light pool areas.

3. Highlight Landscape Photos

Use aerial real estate photography to add value to your listing by showcasing the proximity of your home to the beach and other appealing amenities. This will help buyers envision their life in your home and consider advantage the location provides. Aerial photographs also highlight the beautiful neighborhood and give prospective buyers a better idea of what to expect when they move in.

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, talk with the specialists of One Moment Hawaii. Using the best new real estate photography and videography technologies including the Mavic 2 Pro aerial drone, their skilled media team will help with a variety of projects like real estate shots, wedding photography, and family portraits. To learn more about their services call (802) 648-1731.