Why Photo Booths Are Fun Additions to Events

If you’re planning an anniversary party, school reunion, birthday celebration, or wedding, you should rent a photo booth in addition to hiring a media specialist to capture memorable moments. Letting guests don costumes and pose against interesting backdrops is a fantastic way for them to break the ice or reconnect while creating lasting memories. If you’re still not sure whether to place a photo booth at your event, here are additional reasons it’ll make the festivities more entertaining.

Why Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

Create Personalized Keepsakes

Whether guests traveled locally or from faraway destinations, handing out keepsakes is a way to show your appreciation for their attendance. Installing a photo booth will provide you with the tools to make small gifts more unique. A photographer can make professional-quality prints of each image, which you can frame and send to guests with thank you notes attached. A digital print studio could also transfer the images on to coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, tote bags, and other products you could give as gifts.

Keep Guests of All Ages Entertained

When it comes to planning an event, installing a photo booth is a fun activity for seniors, young children, and everyone in between to enjoy. Rotating backdrops allow the experience to be different each time a guest takes a picture. Playing with the changing displays is a wonderful way to keep kids entertained if they start to get bored or antsy at the party.

Make Photo Albums Even More Enjoyable

Whether you’re creating your own wedding album or compiling snapshots to share on social media, pictures from the photo booth will help bring the narrative to life. Seeing the different poses, backdrops, and costumes each guest has chosen can shed light on their personalities. This can help make anyone who looks at the photos feel as if they were at the event.


If you’re seeking a skilled photographer or videographer to capture memories at your event, contact the team at One Moment Hawaii in Mililani, HI. These professionals specialize in engagement pictures, wedding portraits, and real estate photography. If you’d like to include a photo booth at a party, they can create custom overlays with different text, background displays and borders, and additional features to make the photos more unique. Send a message online, or call (802) 648-1731 to schedule a consultation with a media specialist.