4 Reasons to Take First-Look Pictures Before the Wedding

When thinking of wedding photos, many people imagine shoots with the family and bride and groom after the ceremony. The moments before the wedding, however, can be equally powerful, and keep the honorees from having to sneak off to take their pictures after they get hitched. Here are some reasons to book a first-look photo session before your ceremony.

Why Opt for First-Look Wedding Photos

1. Capture a Private Moment 

You’ll always remember how it felt to see your spouse-to-be dressed up for the first time on your wedding day. Capture this special moment with wedding photos at your venue, a favorite park, beach, or church. Your photographers will be ready to memorialize the moments before your ceremony from several angles to catch the looks of wonder and love on your faces.

2. Reduce Nerves

On their wedding day, many people are anxious about the first glimpse they get of their fiancee at the altar. Turn this public moment into a private, intimate affair with a pre-ceremony first look photo shoot. This will allow you to talk to your significant other before the ceremony, which can help minimize the jitters on the big day.

3. Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Many couples fill the time between the wedding and reception with a cocktail hour for loved ones to connect. Scheduling your photo session for this time prevents you from joining the celebration, which can be disappointing when you have friends and relatives from out of town that you’re eager to catch up with. Instead, get first-look pictures taken before the ceremony so you can enjoy your cocktail hour with the rest of your guests.

4. Show Your Best Side

The bride and groom are likely to look their best earlier in the day, right after getting into their clothes and finishing hair and makeup services. First-look photos capture the couple with no runny makeup from ceremony tears, neatly coiffed hair, and mud-free shoes, preserving the moment just as you’d like to remember it.


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