3 Ways to Ensure You Look Amazing in Your Wedding Portraits

There’s a lot of work that goes into planning your big day; however, some couples often forget to prepare for the wedding portrait session. After booking the photographer and venue, practice how you hope to look in these memorable photos. These tips will help you nail your poses and ensure you look flawless when the camera flashes.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Portraits

1. Practice Your Smile

It might feel awkward at first, but practicing your smile in front of a mirror will help you to prepare for the photographer. Work on natural poses that don’t feel stiff or forced, and use the mirror to take note of any facial or body quirks you weren’t aware of. If you have any favorite photos or videos, look at these while practicing to get in the habit of making these expressions.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

These are photos you want to treasure for a lifetime, so make sure your smile is brilliant by scheduling a whitening appointment with your dentist in the weeks leading up to the big day. You could also use whitening strips, but they take a lot longer to see results and aren’t as permanent. 

3. Research the Location

Take a tour of the area where the wedding photographer plans to take the majority of the photos, and see which features are there and how you can stand near or against them. For example, your footing might change if you want to pose on the stairs, and your posture might differ if you want to romantically lean on the balcony. Consider the time of day as this will affect where the light is coming from, especially if you’re taking the wedding portraits outside. Knowing these details allows you to plan for the right makeup and hair style and gives you an idea for how to maneuver in your outfit.


If you’ve set a date for your wedding, your next step is to book a photographer who’ll capture the big day. The team at One Moment Hawaii in Mililani provides Oahu residents with professional photography and videography services in their studio or at a location of your choosing. They specialize in wedding portraits and albums and offer several packages, which include video and drone coverage to ensure no moment is missed. Call (808) 348-4230 to schedule a consultation, or view a gallery of their past work online.

4 Reasons to Take First-Look Pictures Before the Wedding

When thinking of wedding photos, many people imagine shoots with the family and bride and groom after the ceremony. The moments before the wedding, however, can be equally powerful, and keep the honorees from having to sneak off to take their pictures after they get hitched. Here are some reasons to book a first-look photo session before your ceremony.

Why Opt for First-Look Wedding Photos

1. Capture a Private Moment 

You’ll always remember how it felt to see your spouse-to-be dressed up for the first time on your wedding day. Capture this special moment with wedding photos at your venue, a favorite park, beach, or church. Your photographers will be ready to memorialize the moments before your ceremony from several angles to catch the looks of wonder and love on your faces.

2. Reduce Nerves

On their wedding day, many people are anxious about the first glimpse they get of their fiancee at the altar. Turn this public moment into a private, intimate affair with a pre-ceremony first look photo shoot. This will allow you to talk to your significant other before the ceremony, which can help minimize the jitters on the big day.

3. Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Many couples fill the time between the wedding and reception with a cocktail hour for loved ones to connect. Scheduling your photo session for this time prevents you from joining the celebration, which can be disappointing when you have friends and relatives from out of town that you’re eager to catch up with. Instead, get first-look pictures taken before the ceremony so you can enjoy your cocktail hour with the rest of your guests.

4. Show Your Best Side

The bride and groom are likely to look their best earlier in the day, right after getting into their clothes and finishing hair and makeup services. First-look photos capture the couple with no runny makeup from ceremony tears, neatly coiffed hair, and mud-free shoes, preserving the moment just as you’d like to remember it.


If you’re interested in getting professional wedding photos, contact One Moment Hawaii in Mililani, HI. Serving all of Oahu, their talented team works together to take stunning images, videos, and audio to capture your big day with products you’ll want to display everywhere in your home. Visit their website to find their affordable wedding packages, or call (808) 348-4230 to book an event.

Why Photo Booths Are Fun Additions to Events

If you’re planning an anniversary party, school reunion, birthday celebration, or wedding, you should rent a photo booth in addition to hiring a media specialist to capture memorable moments. Letting guests don costumes and pose against interesting backdrops is a fantastic way for them to break the ice or reconnect while creating lasting memories. If you’re still not sure whether to place a photo booth at your event, here are additional reasons it’ll make the festivities more entertaining.

Why Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

Create Personalized Keepsakes

Whether guests traveled locally or from faraway destinations, handing out keepsakes is a way to show your appreciation for their attendance. Installing a photo booth will provide you with the tools to make small gifts more unique. A photographer can make professional-quality prints of each image, which you can frame and send to guests with thank you notes attached. A digital print studio could also transfer the images on to coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, tote bags, and other products you could give as gifts.

Keep Guests of All Ages Entertained

When it comes to planning an event, installing a photo booth is a fun activity for seniors, young children, and everyone in between to enjoy. Rotating backdrops allow the experience to be different each time a guest takes a picture. Playing with the changing displays is a wonderful way to keep kids entertained if they start to get bored or antsy at the party.

Make Photo Albums Even More Enjoyable

Whether you’re creating your own wedding album or compiling snapshots to share on social media, pictures from the photo booth will help bring the narrative to life. Seeing the different poses, backdrops, and costumes each guest has chosen can shed light on their personalities. This can help make anyone who looks at the photos feel as if they were at the event.


If you’re seeking a skilled photographer or videographer to capture memories at your event, contact the team at One Moment Hawaii in Mililani, HI. These professionals specialize in engagement pictures, wedding portraits, and real estate photography. If you’d like to include a photo booth at a party, they can create custom overlays with different text, background displays and borders, and additional features to make the photos more unique. Send a message online, or call (802) 648-1731 to schedule a consultation with a media specialist.

Why You Should Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Photos

Weddings are a joyous occasion to celebrate love and the beginning of a new chapter in life. With family and friends assembled, most couples want to include their pets into the wedding festivities. Although it may sound untraditional, animal lovers take it one step further by incorporating their pet into the wedding photos.

3 Reasons to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Photos:

1. It’s Unique

If you want to spice it up, stray away from the status quo by avoiding formal, cookie-cutter photos by snapping a picture with your pet. Animals bring a breath of originality and whimsy to images, and the result is a series of photographs that leave a positive and lasting impression.

2. It Celebrates Your Love of Animals

Making a pet a part of your wedding photos is a way to honor your love and commitment to them. You’ll make a statement that your four-legged companion is far more than a pet; they’re family. Including them pays homage to their irreplaceable relationship.

3. It Captures Your Pet's Devotion & Personality

Humans have a longer life span than animals, so including them in your wedding photos will forever memorialize their presence on your special day. A professional photographer will document your pet's one-of-a-kind personality and the joy they've brought you.


Before including your pet in your wedding photos or the ceremony, take the time to rehearse, prepare, and train so they know what to expect on the big day. Also, be sure to have them groomed and looking their best. When searching for the right photographer for yourself, your bridal party, and your pet, trust the professionals at One Moment Hawaii. Their team of experts will shoot at your venue location and specializes in commercial and event photography and videography as well as individual portraits. View their pricing online or call (802) 648-1731 to speak with a team member.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Why hire a Drone Professional?

1. Create a High-End Feel

Most prospective home buyers see photos throughout the property, but aerial shots are uncommon, and they’ll give your listing a high-end feel. In addition to showing the entire parcel of land, aerial real estate photography offers beautiful, lasting first impressions for buyers.

2. Show Off Your Home’s Best Features

Highlight your home’s gorgeous pool and spacious backyard with stunning aerial photographs. Drones can be situated at any angle outside of your house, allowing your photographer to show off your home’s impressive exterior like intricate landscaping, styled entertaining spaces, Juliette balconies, or well-light pool areas.

3. Highlight Landscape Photos

Use aerial real estate photography to add value to your listing by showcasing the proximity of your home to the beach and other appealing amenities. This will help buyers envision their life in your home and consider advantage the location provides. Aerial photographs also highlight the beautiful neighborhood and give prospective buyers a better idea of what to expect when they move in.

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, talk with the specialists of One Moment Hawaii. Using the best new real estate photography and videography technologies including the Mavic 2 Pro aerial drone, their skilled media team will help with a variety of projects like real estate shots, wedding photography, and family portraits. To learn more about their services call (802) 648-1731.